About Emerging Diseases:

There are a lot of infectious diseases emerging nowadays. A number of new diseases have started to emerge and affect a large number of people belonging to different places. Many diseases like genital herpes and AIDs were underestimated in the past days, which were well-known but their capacity to spread was hardly understood by any. Also, AIDs has been unrecognized previously and kept spreading until researches and tests helped in recognizing it. Since the early 20th century, emerging diseases have been found to increase at an accelerating rate. With the improvement in technology, it has got easier to detect them today. Different zones around the world can get affected nowadays with specific diseases due to the climatic changes, ecological degradation, and population growth. With the spreading and growth of these emerging diseases, the risks of death also increased immensely.


The 3 Diseases to watch out in 2017:

Rift Valley Fever:

This is a very harmful virus which is discovered to spread due to getting bitten by a variety of insects. This virus does not cause a communicable disease i.e. it does not spread from one person to another. The rift valley fever was usually caused by infection from mosquito bites, but now it has started spreading vigorously. In Africa, the situation is intense with the different species of insects which cause the fever, and now this is spreading in the northwest regions gradually. The virus is mostly carried by the people who are infected and traveling from the affected areas which transmit it to the other countries. The rift valley fever can cause aches and fever initially but can increase with time, and internal bleeding, blindness, brain inflammation and liver failure can occur. Bleeding can even lead to death.


Just like Chikungunya, this virus infects a person, and the symptoms are fever, aches, and rashes. This virus is spread by the biting of a specific type of mosquitoes named Aedes Mosquitoes. The breeding of these mosquitoes is usually in the impoverished sections of the society like it has spread in Haiti recently because of the poor health conditions there due to the earthquake. It is like Cholera, which is spreading really fast and is very infectious.


This is another recently discovered virus which is spreading immensely with time. This virus is caused by the infection from a type of mosquito of the genus Culex. This virus is much dangerous than Aedes mosquitoes which have a lesser distribution than this kind of mosquito. The Oropouche is a fever with the loss of appetite and vomiting along with aches. But, sometimes there could be a meningitis complication which makes it more dangerous.


There have been a lot of expansion of various diseases over the years like hepatitis C which spread in 1989 and Zika in 2015. These diseases mentioned above are also predicted based on results from researches and analysis, and they are reported to start spreading widely, soon.

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