“Stay healthy and Fit”- well, this is often suggested by fitness enthusiasts as well as the seniors.  People who stay fit and healthy are most likely to remain away from chronic diseases and ailments. Being overweight is one such aspect which is bothering hundreds of kids as well as adults these days. As kids are in a growing phase, they can afford to be a bit of overweight as they generally shed away the extra pounds in their growing process.

Reduce Weight

Adults being overweight can be vulnerable to many diseases in due course. Weight reduction is a solution to all such diseases which may be a risk to their lives. Let’s go ahead and get to know the Steps to reduce weight.

Intake Level:

Weight reduction is a tough task if the weight that needs to be shed is a big number and the lifestyle of the individual has a lot of effect on the weight loss process. Firstly what should be taken care of is the sugar as well as starch intake level of an individual because these food items increase the secretion of insulin by many folds. Insulin is known to all as the fat storage hormone in human body.

The reduction of levels of insulin in your body will reduce the fat stored in your body and give way to fat burning. The water weight also adds up to the unnecessary weight our body carries, and this can be reduced very easily. In the process of lowering of insulin kidney gives off the excess sodium, and one can easily get rid of a few kilos because of this water weight. The lowering of insulin levels by cutting down on sugar intake will eventually give way to killing your appetite and thus decrease the frequent hunger pangs.

Fat, protein and vegetables:

Fat, protein and vegetables should all be present in your diet, but the amounts in which you take them and the type of fat or protein you take are all that matter. As for the vegetables, low carbohydrates vegetables should be taken. As for protein, you may take eggs, salmon, and shrimps. Coconut oil and olive oil can be consumed since these oils have healthy fats and will not add up to your calories. Eating a well-balanced meal will duly cut down the insulin secretion levels in an individual.


It is not just the way to reduce weight, but also to stay active and fit and thus increase the metabolism levels. Well, exercise may not be a mandatory step, but ones who attend the gym regularly are more likely to stay fit and flexible as well. Attending gym on alternate days is a wise and fruitful move. Lifting weights, running, jogging and swimming are certain workouts which stand out to be beneficial options for one and all.

Following all these tips can help one to shed those extra ounces! While losing weight one must follow a diet as well as exercise suggested by a dietician as well their personal gym instructor.

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